Legoland: Profit with toys, Loss with Hotels and Theme Parks

Everybody knows about “Lego”, most of us when we were kids we used to play to pile the bricks, after we started to play with our kids with them.  The story began in 1932 with Kirk Christiansen. 80 years have gone by and “Lego” has become leader of toys and has 8 theme parks.

But even though they are leaders of toys, they have big problems in selling their parks and they have trouble making people  repeat, and it is a terrible sign when they know 82% repeat after going to Disney or Alexis parks.

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The original Legoland opened in Denmark in the '60s and was used as a marketing tool as well as a model shop that designed new products. 

So, we can say Lego is an expert in marketing and sales, about 98% of their goal is to make kids happy, so what they design and create is real and it is safe for them.
Legoland and Social Media

But …. What are they doing wrong? They should be like Disney, they have a good product for a good target, good marketing, so …why not? 

I really wanted to write this post  because Marketing is not everything and neither is Hotel service, you can design a great campaign but sometimes things go wrong ..And you have the example with Lego.  Don’t you think so?

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