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As you we all know Blogs are very important, in fact I can say that writing a blog has become part of our Marketing Strategy as brand or hotel establishment. But we should consider in having different blogs for  our business, not only a general blog for the Hotel ….   Imagine we have a lovely fashion swimming pool, where every Saturday we have great parties with DJ,s ... it would be perfect to have a blog just for that … don’t you think so?

If you still think is not necessary to have a blog then just take notice of the following :  

• Great tool to understand hospitality industry and the clients.

“Information is the key of everything” …. I believe W. Churchill said that, and it is true. We should always evaluate our hospitality market.

• Improve the SEO of your web hotel / bar / restaurant

Articles, videos, photos, etc. …shares and more shares, everywhere …  the search engines will take more interest in your hotel , bar or restaurant giving it greater presence and visibility.
Remember Search Engines like Google are attracted by this fresh and quality content and keywords used in your articles or the comments left by readers.

Own content to share on social networks

If  you are able to create good quality content it is the best method to share on all your social media profiles and create curiosity.  Study your traffic through the share posts and what’s the cause of it.

• Engage with influential bloggers

Thanks to your good quality post you will be able to be  in direct or indirect contact with other  bloggers from  the tourism industry . We should always think that people tend to  trust the professionals  perceived as " experts".

• Get involved subscribers and potential customers

A blog helps getting involved with your brand followers and their contents , through subscriptions.

6 SEO Tips for Hotels:
Find a Professional Copywriter with SEO and Hotels experience
Bring Local Search Listening,  Hotel is a local business
Create Landing Pages for promotions, packages …
Create Mobile Site
Create Useful blog post
Add Social Sharing Buttons to make it easy for your visitors

I can only say that blog is important but to be able to understand the cause of the results it is even more important, and that’s is why I am going to share with you the next infographic about “Travel Blogger by Sandmount Hotel”
Travel Blogger

I hope you like it. :) 



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