Mercer Report of the Cost of Living 2013

Out of the 10 cities, four  are European and 3 are in Switzerland. Strangely United States or Canada have no city in the list. In contrast, two cities are on the African continent such as Luanda (which nº 1 )  and N, N'Djamena (Chad) are among the 5 most expensive cities in the world.
  • ·        what cities are we talking about ?

The well-known Mercer's report is the result of comparative analysis of different variables among which we could highlight housing, transport, clothing, food or entertainment, and where the basis for the study is New York.

The goal is to help multinational companies and governments determine compensation benefits for employees who have to travel to other countries, offers a number of examples of the prices.
For example:
• 1 cup of coffee in Managua (Nicaragua) is $ 1.54 compared to $ 8.29 to be paid in Moscow.
• In Calcutta we can pay for a burger $ 3.62 compared to $ 13.49 it can be worth in Caracas.
• If you want to watch a movie in the cinema, in Johannesburg it’s  $ 5.91 compared to $ 20.10 in a city like London.
• Renting an apartment in Moscow can cost $ 4,600 and $ 6,500 in Luanda

I let you enjoy the following video, which explains in more detail the results and I feel free to say if you agree or not J

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