Ryanair: You cannot fly with more than 10 kg … but you can carry lots of alcohol (bottles).


Ryanair - Low Cost Airlines also have problems

Ryanair: You cannot fly with more than 10 kg …  but  you can carry lots of alcohol  (bottles).

A Ryanair plane was forced on Tuesday (September) to deviate from its route between the Scottish city of Glasgow and the Spanish island of Ibiza to land in France, Beauvais Airport, about 80 miles from Paris, to leave the ground to 14 Scottish passengers obviously intoxicated, unable to control this group of drunks who was risking flight safety.

This time, the pilot's decision was firm mainly because in August another plane of the same airline experienced a similar situation while covering another route between Scotland and Ibiza and though the staff threatened to scale in Paris to leave, the 30 passengers fought totally drunk, simulated flight attendants who raped, beat up some cabin crew, vandalized furniture and almost suicidal  on a flight.

30 drunk passengers

However, the flight reached its destination, where the Spanish police boarded the plane and was handcuffed to the leaders and several bottles they had purchased in duty free shops in Scotland, before his departure to Spain.

Now, in the events of Tuesday, Ryanair pilot carried out his threat and the plane was diverted to France, where the French police gave them a special reception, escorting them on their exit from the terrible flight with other passengers .
Apparently,  it seems to repeat very often between groups of passengers coming mainly from the UK and Ireland bound for Ibiza.

The strange thing is that the staff is so aware of any excess weight (as you cannot  take more than a 10 kg package), or so strict with a child of two years with no passport, etc…  instead, able to board a group of passengers in apparent intoxicated and full of bottles

By contrast, the Irish airline Aer Lingus said alcohol prohibited  only on flights on its route between Dublin and Ibiza.

Something I still do not understand ... and you?  what do you think about Ryanair policies? Where are we going to end up?   is Low Cost good for Tourism????? ..... 



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