World Responsible Tourism Day - November 6th 2013 (World Travel Market)


If there is something you should know is the "WTM: World Responsible Toursim Day". If you are engaged in Tourism and you care about the world, there is something you should read .....

  • WTM - World Responsible Tourism Day
There is 1 DAY that travel companies, organizations, destinatios, suppliers and employees ... get together and think, how the world could be better. They aim to inspire good ways for Travel and Tourism.

During the WTM in London, the Responsible Tourism Awards are being held and people can voted their best options, through their website.

In 2004 the awards were founded to celebrate and inspire change. They are based  on a simple principle:  

  • all types of tourism, 
  • from niche to mainstream, 
  • can and should be organised in a way that preserves, 
  • respects and benefits destinations and local people. 
But it’s more than that, as they we want to be examples to inspire others. 

For me, it is so important that it makes me go crazy when I see masive tourism without control, and the only thing I can do, is write in me blog and shout:

 Stop Masive Tourism and Go for Responsible Tourism 

                                                ....  NOW !!!

                 What are you waiting for .... !!!

2 min Video : WTM 2012 - Highlights: 



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