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Old Water Tower London
 It is incredible, hospitality trends are changing so much, everybody knows about hotels, resorts, boutiques, cruises, but now luxury apartments and my last discovery is an old Water Tower in London.

Just recently and with success they finished the work to convert a water tower nineteenth century London in a luxury building.

The British builder Leigh Osborne was commissioned to plan the difficult task, which was a challenge and that the English called "horror movie".

"When we started, there were about 2,000 pigeons on the roof and it was full of excrement" said Osborne.

After months of hard work, the team was able to build the luxurious residence, equipped with the latest technology and comprises six bedrooms, a large lounge, kitchen and dining room with spectacular views, a private bathroom with a large Jacuzzi and a gym.

A glass elevator is added to the left side of the tower to allow residents access the floors of the building and the roof, in which Leigh has maintained a large water tank of the original tower.

Take a look at the photos and tell me, would you like to live there?... I would J

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