Risks of WiFi access hotels/ holidays rentals - Malware Distribution

WiFi  Malware Distribution

WiFi access in hotels can be more dangerous for the user's safety than commonly thought. Existing risks for access to open networks are  adding that, these networks are the usual focus for malware distribution.

Internet access from a hotel via wireless networks has become an indispensable condition when staying in either establishment. Connecting to the Web is a habit increasingly away from home WiFi networks and private establishments, for their customers are a good way of not using the usual megadata rates that much users enjoy on their mobile devices.

However, this alternative has its risks. A report by IC3 has warned of the high risk of infection of malicious software on our computer laptops to access WiFi networks in hotels or Holiday Rentals. Specifically, they have detected a type of malware distributed via “pop-up windows” that open when you access these wireless connections. In theory these notifications promote software update user's computer, but actually install malware by clicking on the install button. To prevent infections, so it is recommended to update their antivirus and extreme caution when accepting such ads.

 Other risks of WiFi access hotels/ holidays rentals

Is not the 1st time that warns of the risks users to access WiFi networks provided by hotels and holiday rentals. On underground forums sells kits  based on a remote access Trojan that can infect computers located in the reception or rooms  of such establishments and steal data as credit card,etc…

We must add the insecurity that may cause network access open WiFi unknown. In many cases the user connects to the Internet through it without being aware of the risks this may entail, as it would allow advanced users to access information from those who are connected to them. 

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