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Watch out ¡¡¡ …. The trend of the year 2013 comes to Hotels and their cuisines ¡¡

The typical lunch or dinner with a waiter serving an appetizer, entree, main course and dessert is not responding anymore.

People do not want to be ask to be seated or to be given menus,  they want to feel relax, talk and after an hour, they  order something or go to a Buffet and take a small portion and continue with the meeting. 
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Customers have changed their way of enjoying hospitality, before they used to ask for luxury service and now it’s different, they have new concepts:
·         Flexibility
·         Health Conscious
·         Time-Pressed

The hotel industry is moving towards replacing old-fashioned, underused restaurants with so-called fast casual establishments (example in USA: Panera Bread or Cosi) could eventually become a big trend.

·         Small Plates
·         Fast Casual  Establishments
·         People eat more often
·         1/3 of the American’s have no office. (Sales, Freelancers,etc…)
·         Sell Wine in different sizes
·         Let people portion their food when they order
·         They want to know what’s behind the food (history)
·         Hotels are starting to copy “living-rooms” like Boutique Hotels
·         Hotels need to adapt new lifestyle, if not they will die 5-10 years
·         Be able to combine basic food with odd topics (Latin, Asian,…)


I think it is important that our hotels are able to adapt but at the same time it is important not to lose. Profit is always our goal,  but we will never be able to obtain profit, if we do not understand what our client’s needs.  

I would like to end my post by adding a final sentence, it comes from the source: USA Today: 7th Jan 2013 :
 "They have people when it's raining outside and guests don't want to leave." Referring to Boston Marriot Restaurant. 

I hope you enjoyed and see you next week.


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