Social Media and Job Searching Process (GB)

Companies post jobs on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn because it is quick, simple and receives a lot of feedback. But employers aren’t the only ones who benefit from social media platforms. Face book, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn present many opportunities for job seekers to connect with future employers. Even after you interview, or are hired, social media can give the employer a better picture of who you are outside of the office. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when searching for jobs.

 Remember many social sites can be accessed by the public. Even if your privacy settings are strict, employers will go to great lengths to check your social media background. Consider it part two of your interview.

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 Don’t let this stop you! If managed correctly, social media sites can present a favorable first impression. By setting up your resume on LinkedIn and Google Plus, employers can read about the previous positions you’ve held. By tweeting about it and hyper linking your resume, your followers will know that you are actively seeking employment. Consider your phrasing and keep it short, clean and to the point. Think of it as a cover letter. Throw in a catchy line or two, or maybe a fun aspect of a previous position that you loved. By putting the most relevant information first, a headhunter or human resources manager can determine whether you will be a good fit for the company or not. You worked hard, let it show, but don’t embellish your skills or job experience.

In addition, “Like” and “+1″ the company’s Face book page and website. Begin leaving comments and interacting. This shows initiative and interest in the company. Depending on your industry, consider adding the person interviewing you to your LinkedIn. Researching them before your interview isn’t a bad idea either. Uniting with other professionals is beneficial, but your profile must be clean and professional in order to do so. Don’t add your business contact if you have last Saturday’s beer pong pictures on your Face book. Vulgar statements, ill-mannered political jokes or inappropriate comments will eventually surface. If you question the existence of compromising photos, posts or tweets, do your best to untag yourself or delete them. Better safe than sorry!

Most importantly, be yourself, and let your personality show. If you like creative writing, say it! Enjoy mountain biking? Post a picture! This shows employers you have a life outside of work. In this regard, social media not only allows individuals to showcase elements of their personality that might not come up in an interview, but also demonstrates authenticity as well as how they will merge with the company’s culture.

You can also demonstrate your writing skills by keeping a blog. Regardless of whether you are seeking employment or not, keep your blog relevant. If your friends who share the same interests don’t want to read it, chances are a future employer won’t want to either. This is a missed opportunity. So blog on! Tweet daily! Use social media to your advantage!

After you’re done blogging, wander Twitter, LinkedIn and Face book for job postings. Finally, don’t forget to apply!

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